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A car is a complex piece of machinery and to keep it running in excellent condition, it requires regular service. Some people may overlook the servicing of their car because they think it is of no benefit, but the truth is that if a car is not serviced, it’s performance and life decreases. Refraining from having your car serviced could also be the difference between a small repair and a serious fault resulting in huge costs. Here at our garage we use the latest diagnostic equipment to detect and repair present and future problems. This will not only increase your cars performance but it will also reduce costs in the long run.


What service is best for me?

Interim - 6 month service

This service is best for high mileage users or for the cars where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks. This service includes a broad range of checks on essential components to prevent unforeseen faults and help maintain your car.

Full - 12 month vehicle service

Our full car service includes all the maintenance and checks you need on an annual basis. It includes all items included in the Interim Service plus a thorough inspection of your engine and other components as well as wear and tear recording. If you book a full car service every year, you reduce the risk of breakdown, maintain the value of your vehicle and ultimately give yourself the best chance of trouble-free motoring.

Major - 24 month vehicle service

This comprehensive service should be undertaken every couple of years, or simply if you want to make sure everything is working safety and efficiently. It provides all the items included with a full car service whilst also covering items that are regularly recommended for replacement every two years such as changing the cabin filter, brake hydraulic fluids, and flushing out the engine coolant.


Block Exemption – you are now free to choose who services your car.

Previously, motorists were required to have their vehicle servicing and repairs undertaken at the main dealer so as not to risk invalidating the vehicle's warranty. However, in October 2003 European Union legislation, ‘Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002’ came into force. This ruling gave motorists more freedom in their decision as to who should repair and service their vehicles. Now any garage can be used to service your car without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty as long as the garage uses original equipment 'Matching Quality' parts, and are recorded as such, and the garage follow the manufacturer's service schedules.

What does this mean for me?

This means that providing the independent garage you are using - such as us here at Fix 'n' Fit Tyres - use original parts or parts of matching quality, then you no longer needs to pay the high prices dealers demand and the customer's warranty will remain completely valid.